APX 80

Telling what is coming next.

APX 80


R80 contains important changes to the packaging. Theses changes include that you can now use any of the properties of a GDB file (namely EventName, TrackName or VenueName) to identify a track layout. This fixes an issue causing the track filter not to work properly. The support to add multiple tracks per event will be added also.

Mods can now have a referenced base mod. For example, you want to use a workshop-based livery pack on the server? Now you can. Add the livery pack as a component in APX and reference the underlying workshop mod as a base mod. APX will keep the correct installation order and utilize both items.

Additional files, such as brand_logo.png, are now also supported and can be uploaded on the web interface.


An large change is the scheduling. While releases 79 and earlier used an django-based scheduling, R80 will be using the Windows integrated scheduling (schtasks).

Also, you will be now able to disable certain scheduled jobs. To allow more debugging, you can now trigger the execution of a given cronjob using python.exe manage.py cron_run <id> directly.

Discord hooks

The webhooks for publishing information of servers into Discord channels is now using embeds.

For example: The start webhook message now also lists the content required to connect to the server. This includes needed steam content to be subscribed to. As a bonus, you can also see what liveries included in the currently running mod pack.

And much more...

There are a large number of changes planned for R80. Release 80 is planned to be released in 3 to 5 weeks.

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Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash