About Distrochooser 5...

About Distrochooser 5...

I'm currently working on the next version of distrochooser.de. Time for a "small" information post about the state of development.

New model, new everything

Distrochooser 5 is a from-scratch-rewrite. I decided to finally retire all old parts to prevent inheriting old problems. A large part of the new distrochooser is the new decision process, who is now a little bit different than before.


Distrochooser will give an additional layer of verbosity to tell the user why a distribution was suggested. This information is based on the answers the user answered.

Overhauling the list

I'm also overhauling the distribution list. For example, distros like Bedrock Linux will be removed from the list due their too special focus.

At a given point I will do a call for suggestions of distributions.

User input

The next point is user input, I want to get more feedback by the user to see if there are improvements to do. For this purpose I implemented an upvote/ downvote per result distribution. This means, if you are not pleased with the first position of your list, but with your second - you can vote vor it.

Release schedule

It's done when it's done. I have a rough schedule, but not a specific release date. The target timespan is somewhere between end 2019 and the first quarter of  2020.


Because everything is new, I will need new translations to be done. But this time I want to improve the workflow. I will use gettext for version 5, allowing the translations to be edited using *.po files.


Distrochooser 5 did a large step forward. But there is a lot of work left.

Image: unsplash-logoIan Parker