Distrochooser 5.1

While distrochooser.de itself did not receive major updates in quite a while, I am still working on the next large update. To give some news, here are some features currently being worked on.

Distrochooser 5.1

Dark mode!

Distrochooser is going to receive a dark mode. The dark mode can either be triggered by the user or will be applied automatically, if your browser prefers a dark color scheme.

Hardware question

As mentioned in a previous blog article, this change fixes distrochooser#199 and adds a hardware step to the questionnaire, which is optional but can help to identify suitable options for the user.

Slideshow results

The slideshow view fixes distrochooser#224 and adds a compact alternative display mode to the result list. In case the user does not want to scroll endlessly.

Data enrichment

You might have noticed in the screenshot that distribution info will be enriched using Wikidata (and most likely other sources). This will help to give some "meta" information for the user about the result entries.


Distrochooser still lacks in accessibility, but I'm taking baby steps to improve it. Within the next update, a optical separator will be added as I was informed that the lack of it might trigger migraine. For this, distrochooser will obey the prefers-reduced-motion media query and will reduce motion, if needed. This introduces some slight animations to prevent certain elements (e. g. the result list) from just popping up. This fixes distrochooser#259.

Answering changes

It will be possible to not only set answers as "important", but also as "not  important". This fix is implemented for the issue distrochooser#231.

Additionally, questions can be now saved within the session, e. g. if the user is unsure on a certain topic. The corresponding question category will then be highlighted.

Under the hood

  • Addition of Prometheus for statistic retrieval (fixes distrochooser#245)
  • Results with more negative than positive hits are no hidden (but can be displayed, of course) - fixes distrochooser#230
  • I am working on a matrix feedback mode where the user will be able to add anonymously remarks to the decision tree, allowing more participation for the decision process

Foto von Khara Woods auf Unsplash