News from the lab

I've just updated the distrochooser to a new version. This version is again just a small set of updates to focus on usability and minor bug fixes. Larger changes will be focused on the next major version.

News from the lab

🆕 Feature changes

  • Added a display option to show the result in a compact grid instead of a lengthy list
  • Added to the domain configuration (results will anyways be used only with
  • After an language select (done by the frontend itself or the user), the page will modify the URL. So at each point, the URL will clearly represent on which language the user works. This allows the page to set HTML lang tags and meta descriptions correctly. If the user shares the results, crawlers can now read out the description in the correct language instead of defaulting to english each time.
  • Added a sitemap
  • Added Twitter card image (still not perfect)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the answers to be deselected when a user switches the language on an existing result
  • Fixed an issue causing the footer navigation on the result page not to include the language parameter, causing an 404 error

Mobile remarks

I know that the mobile version has currently some display issues, but I want to address them within the next updates. This includes the navigation area including the "get results" buttons and the fact that some features are not available on mobile due to space issues.

Photo by Sieuwert Otterloo on Unsplash