Adding the ease

Another bunch of updates for my orchestration suite.

Adding the ease

Domain changes..and proper landing page

The wiki was moved to and a proper project landing page was added on Also, a beta test instance of the web management app was set up for interested beta testers.

Bootstrapping improvements

The server side components are now build with GitHub Actions to be packaged with Python, allowing the user just to download and run. No dependency installation needed. The script will download all required components, including steamcmd and the dedicated server itself, so you can get from a plain sheet to a completely installed server within a (double-)click.

Quality of life

Recent updates also added some quality of life additions for the organisatory users.

The wizard app finally recieved an (experimental) patch, introducing the support to configure grip files per session. The complete grip settings are managed on the web app itself, of course.

Additional, participants are now able to upload liveries by themselves. During processing, the filenames will be "normalized" to be properly picked up by the game.

Additional update feeds

Also, support for Discord web hooks was added to get a status log about what is currently happening on the instance, allowing users to get an uncomplicated view, for example to identify if a participant already submitted the liveries.


Some bugs where fixed, one of them prevent proper starting on some configurations. I added multiple changes to the wiki to represent the current configuration and schemes properly.


Another big addition is more verbosity in logging, adding more transparency to the deployment process. Also, the web GUI now recieves the logfile of the managed servers for troubleshooting purposes.


As the core mechanisms seems now working, I am working most of the time on validation and verbosity to make the deployment and management processes as robust as possible and as verbose as possible. This will be an important step towards the release. Stay tuned :)