APX Customization

Time for some news about the APX project.

APX Customization

Production patches

The reciever is now not allowed anymore to be runned as administrator for security reasons. Additionally I created a list of (paid) DLC workshop ID's which may be used during deployment. An important patch for leagues in the addition of file based mod items. Also, the reciever can now control which folders may not be deleted during cleanup.

The app is now able to inject grip files properly aswell as the scheduler is now finally present in the app.


I Started working on a proof-of-concept about an client executable to control the content, mod structure and give the user more verbosity on what mods are currently installed and what relations between mods are existing. The idea here is to make sure a correct base structure is existing before starting the game. This prevents the user from getting stuck into content errors on load.

The APX 24 idea

I am currently considering about hosting an Nordschleife Endurance event using the APX toolkit. As I'm not willing to invest months of work into a event without participants, I am looking for interested people. If you are interested you can find more informations on this link.

Photo by Alen Jacob on Unsplash