Distrochooser Updates - "Homeoffice Week 3 Edition"

This week's updates are focused on internal fixes and the result calculation.

Distrochooser Updates - "Homeoffice Week 3 Edition"


  • 🐛 Arch Linux now gets  a blocking hit when answering "I want to avoid systemd"
  • 🆕 Reintroduced the live-mode answer on the user-scenario question
  • 🆕 Added Artix Linux as a new Distribution without systemd
  • 🆕 Changed the distribution boxes. The reasons are now displayed per default
  • 🆕 The result remarks limit is now increased to 3000 chars instead of 250
  • 🆕 The result remarks textbox is now larger and can be resized
  • 🆕 The loading indicator is now less distracting
  • 🆕 Some internal refactoring and minor mobile adjustments
  • 🚮 Removed some old code

Overhauling the distribution boxes

Quite many times the display of the distribution boxes (and the reason list) are called a bit difficult to understand. For this reason, I ditched the blue remarks box at the top and display the reasons by default. A button at the bottom of the distribution box was added to allow the user to hide a list, if wanted. The icon will be replaced soon by a more suitable one.

A remark on feedback

The feedback box is not a place to yell into. Remarks like "The old one is better" without a proper description why does not help me. I need a few details how and have to know why you are not pleased with the results.

The updates are now live on https://beta.distrochooser.de

Stay safe!

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