Distrochooser updates

It has been some time when I added the last updates in the Distrochooser beta. Let's change that.

Distrochooser updates

I worked today on some matrix-related changes to include the feedback of users within the last months.

This are the summarized changes of about 200 feedback entries. Some of the  feedback may be included in later updates.

Feedback based changes


🆕 Added Kubuntu

🆕Added matrix relation for CentOS regarding stability

🆕Added a blocking matrix relation for RHEL when a free distribution is required

🐛Fixed matrix for Fedora as it was listed as "for beginners" and "not for beginners" at the same time

🐛Changed stability remark for Fedora


🐛Overhauled wordings and fixed typos in english localization

🐛Fixed typos in german translation

🆕 Added an images in user expierience question as a test. Sources are listed with the icons below the image.

🐛Fixed a bug causing importance flags be ignored for negative hits

A lot of feedback contains remarks about an odd sorting behaviour. I will do a follow up on this as I assume that some elements are to complicated in the result list. Also there was the mentioned bug for negative hits, which also causes unwanted result list shuffle.


🆕 The beta version was moved to a new server, providing a better general performance.

If you would answer all questions on the old server, the loading would take about 4 seconds. On the new server, this will be done in less than 1 second.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash