Easy? Easy!

An eternity ago (at least it feels like it), I fiddled around with PyWinAuto to click some buttons. That was over a year ago.

Easy? Easy!

In the last year, a "few" things happened. To be exact, 509 commits happened. The proof of concept recieved an API, an wiki, a name: APX. It evolved to not only a proof of concept, it became a fully operational, web based automation suite.

Today, the software has a web interface with hundrets of settings, an easy mode for new users, import features for large file dumps and logging for better troubleshooting. Most of the lifecycle operations are covered now, such as:

  • Server Install/ Update/ Delete
  • Server content download/update/install
  • Plugin inject
  • Modpack creation
  • Livery pack creation
  • Event participant signup/revoke/livery submit
  • Chatting
  • Grip and a lot of session settings

The rFactor 2 server was never easier to manage!

The "but"...

First organization teams are adopting it for their events, but still just a few. Maybe because of the beta status? Or audience to small? I don't know.


Recently, I stopped adding features and started switch the main focus to bug fixing and adding support for use-cases previously not covered.

So I am not developing anymore, I am maintaining now.

Become a hoster?

I need to decide something. I see only scattered usage currently, basically one or two leagues.

Option 1: Leave the scope as it is.

This is basically the current option. On this option, APX clearly automates a lot of steps, but only within the rFactor 2 server domain.

(New) users still need base hardware to work from, and that is the step where they fail.

Option 2: Become a hoster

In this option, I am in charge of the ecosystem, basically doing rFactor 2 hosting in a kind of "rFactor 2 as a service" model, fully automated using APX. But this option has clearly a lot of tax and law issues. Additional, it's quite a lot of money I would need to spend. For profit? I doubt that. Also I need to check if the EULA of rFactor 2 even covers that.

Option 3: Lessions learned, I am out of here

Leave it like it is and focus on other projects. Well, I still have a Bachelor degree to finish, I guess.

We will see.

If you want to find out more about APX, you can find more information on the project website or in the project discord server.

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

Photo by Max Böttinger on Unsplash