Listening to your feedback

Another weekend, another set of changes for

Listening to your feedback

These changes are based on the latest feedback users submitted recently. In detail, I made following changes.


🆕 The "skip question"-button was reintroduced

🆕 Old answers can now be disabled to retire them without breaking old results

User experience question

🐛 Fixed inconsistency in german translation

🚮 Retired "closed experience" answer b/c the answer is quite difficult to understand

Result calculation

🐛 A bug was fixed which caused the result order to be messed up (negative points where not included in the order calculation)

🐛 A bug was fixed which disabled the calculate button for old results

🆕 Void Linux was added

🆕 Did some matrix changes for Qubes OS and Nix OS

The updates are already deployed on

And thank you for the feedback!

unsplash-logoJoanna Kosinska