As the development for version 5 continues, I've decided to revive the 'mark-important'-button. A major goal for the upcoming version is too make decision trees for certain distributions more divergent as in previous versions. This will be supported by allowing the user to make answers more important than others.

As some may remember, the current version offers the user the 'weight questions' feature. The idea behind this is basically to add an additional numeric factor for a answer map to increase or decrease it's weight.

But this approach has some issues. Issue #1 is that the user is asked for this weighting after the test and the possibility that the user already forgot what this thing was about is quite high.

A second flaw is more and UX based one. The human readable value for is basically a tag. This tag is based on a given answer. This can cause situations where the user may not have a clue what is the term about.

To fix this issue, version 5 will receive the 'make important'-button at the answer itself. Given answers can be marked independently as important.

On the calculation side, setting an answer as important allows to give more specific results compared to results without  importance-flags.

Short status update

Currently, I'm working on the mentioned importance-flag (obviously), also I'm finishing the german localisation. Also, I'm working on overhauling the decision matrix.

The goal remains to hit a production ready state until end of this year (finally).

unsplash-logoJavier Allegue Barros