Run events with(out) livery templates

This weeks update is all about liveries.

Run events with(out) livery templates

If you ever ran a simracing event, you know the hassle. You need mandatory elements, especially numberplates and participants manage to use them wrong. Elements missing, wrong fonts, wrong sizing. The list is endless. And time consuming to correct.

The idea: Never touch the liveries by hand again

This weeks update for APX were focused on the wizard and how it can handle numberplates. From now on, the wizard features 2 numberplates (left and right) and it's region in the component view.  You are not limited to the amount of positions to locate the numberplates, the two are only defined to have on left-heading and one right-heading template stored, but you can position both multiple times. Without going into detail, you can find an extended documentation on

The numberplates can be flipped, rotated, the font can be configured by size and font color.

All of this additions allow the toolkit to add the numberplates in the background without the need for by-hand-interaction. Again we follow here the policy "configure once, use often".

For the participant, nothing changes. The only visible "change" is that the participant will now get an info that numberplates are added to the livery. Files will be updated at upload.

On the administrative side, you can see that "mask added" is done for some of the files. The automated numberplate addition is limited to such files needed for that, which is the *.dds and the * file. The other files won't be touched.

As a result, you get proper numberplates without having to alter the files by hand. Region files will be updated aswell, of course :)  

Sounds interesting?

Photo by JJ Shev on Unsplash