Some new stuff for

New updates, new languages, new mode.

Some new stuff for

I managed to find some time to add new updates to the distrochooser project. This time these updates focused on a new translation and options for visually impaired people.

New language

A big thanks to omeritzics for providing a translation for hebrew!

Add Hebrew translation by omeritzics · Pull Request #120 · distrochooser/distrochooser
IMPORTANT: While translating, I saw writing mistakes of capital letters (for example: ubuntu instead of Ubuntu, windows instead of Windows) and double spacing (in description-lubuntu), and "so...

For this merge, I implemented basic right-to-left language support into the distrochooser UI component. This implementation might still have room for improvement, but it is a start.

This means the distrochooser now can serve tests in 11 languages 🎉. If you want to participate in the project with contributing a new translation, feel free to take a look on this issue, thanks!

Visually impaired mode

I added a stub for a separate display mode for visually impaired people. This mode modifies the page layout as following:

  • Removal of small icons
  • Replacements of icons with text
  • Removal of animations  and pop-up-texts
  • Replacement of the spinner animation with a text
  • Increasing of the general font size
  • Replacement of the radio buttons and check boxes for answers
  • Replacement of image-based answers with text ones

Similar as the rtl mode this view mode still has some flaws but it is a start to work on this topic.

Other stuff

Additional, I fixed some minor display issues and an issue with the decision matrix. I started to collect information for version 6. But this is still years away, I guess.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Photo by Karl Solano on Unsplash