"This is race control"

Another week, another update for the rFactor 2 orchestration suite

"This is race control"

Race Control

I started working on the race control screen. This screen is not designed to be a livetiming, it is more meant as a fully-operating race control interface. The purpose will be to manage penalties and in general to get an overview about the current happening on track.

The race control module is basically the last building block of the toolkit to be added.

Similar to the wizard, this screen is web based and can be used via a tablet or a serpate computer without having the need to have an rFactor 2 instance running. Multiple people will be able to use it at once, if you have a multi-people race control.

Especially for events with large grids it will be quite useful. Currently it is still a WIP, missing a lot of Quality of Life features. But I wanted to show it already.

Current race control screen

Aswell as the other components, the race control is Open Source and can be found within the APX organistation: https://github.com/apx-simracing

The Scheduler

This week I added some basement work for the new scheduling. The scheduling is needed for recieving status infos and also to trigger commands (such as start and stop).

Currently, it's required to use a seperate commandline to do that. I am working on an substitute to remove that. But this is a large task, so this will take quite some time to complete.

At the end it will make the wizard app become more an "out-of-the-box" expierience as you won't need to run a separate command then.

Speed adjustments

The /status endpoint of the reciever is now significantly faster. The reciever will also poll the status each second independent of the status being actually polled. This allows the endpoint to recieve information quicker as the info is already present on request start.

Minor changes

A few fixes were added:

- Fixed an issue causing the VEH files from being not properly parsed
- Fixed an issue where name and track  in the status were mixed up

Sounds interesting?

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash