Trying something new

After six years of running I decided to try something new.

Trying something new

After six years of running I decided to try something new. I realized in the last months that the way I ran Fury's Blog is getting more and more a burden. Let me explain, why.

I always tried to achieve something with Over a large period of time I swam on the Raspberry Pi wave, which worked quite well. But after that wave flattened, it felt like I had to change almost every year my target for the blog.

In 2018, I was close to bury I had no fun with it anymore, blogging was not fun anymore. I had no topics I really wanted to write about and most of the time I published old articles which were molding for weeks.

I realized that never really became my blog. It was more a place where I advertised my projects (okay, only tbh) and tried to get some clicks (even if I never got any money for it). And when I look into Statify, I get around 15 clicks (not even visitors) per day. And most of them are on the subnetting article.

I don't want to quit blogging itself, but I want to do it in a different way. I decided to let freeze to death. I won't publish anything new on it. It is not death yet, but it was barely alive in 2018. The 237 posts will be final.

Additional, I decided to to a 'reboot' using I realized that was good when I was a script kiddy, but now I'm a 'professional' (note the quotes) and I want to run something more professional as my 'homebase'.

I don't want to specify what I plan to publish here. Specifying a major topic always leads to a point where you have to change it because your focus changed.

And because this is a blog, I want to use it as such. I don't want to continue to try run after unrealstic goals without success. This will be my public (tech) logfile and nothing more.

Additional, I'll try to write using english language, even (or because) my english became a little bit rusty. I know that I have a lot of grammatical issues already in this article, but if you can understand it..who cares? ;)

As the title mentioned, I want to try something new. I'm using Ghost instead of WordPress. I always wanted to test it, but did not have the courage to deploy it on So, now I have the use case.

I'm still aware of privacy. I'm using the useTinfoil-Flag and I disabled any third-party-foo (e. g. Google Fonts) on this domain.

As you might see on this page: I don't have comments. After 6 years of bloggig I'm weary of comments. To be honest, I had many constructive discussions, but also a lot of bullshit.

Because I'm on several social networks, you have many ways to contact me. Either via or or or on Mastodon using Feel free to say hello :).

For now, that's it.

unsplash-logoImage: Heidi Sandstrom.