UI updates for Distrochooser.de

This weekend, a new bunch of UI updates for the upcoming Distrochooser version are planned. In this article, I'll show what parts are scheduled for a change.

UI updates for Distrochooser.de

Ditched Font Awesome

One of the more visible changes is the removal of the FontAwesome toolkit. For a long time (more precise since 6 years), Font Awesome was a constant component for all Distrochooser versions. But in the beta, the icons felt more "clunky" and I felt  that a replacement was needed.

Also, I really dislike the mix of the pro and free icons on the toolkit, forcing me to buy a toolkit for like two icons. If I would need more of them it would not be the problem, but on the current state, it was more annoying than a buy consideration.

Long story short, I replaced them for some of the icons of the uiw toolkit.

Also, the coloring is now more subtle and the icons do not feel anymore that they are painted with crayons.

Keep it simple and stable

With this update, I removed a lot of redundant or not neccessary icons from the code.


For example, the icons in the headline for a distribution and the list of reasons are having the same meaning, but  different icons. To focus the user more towards the list itself, the header icons wil be removed.

The new approach makes the distribution list more cleaner in my opinion.

Another point is the feedback send button, which only had a purpose when the user inserts a feedback. The button will not be shown until the  feedback box is filled with content.

On buttons, the border radius attributes are now removed, as the general UI elements are usually with defined corners instead of a rounded edge.


We speek chinese, second volume! Thanks to xingjiapeng the beta will be soon be online in chinese language!

Thank you again for your contribution!

Under the hood

The upcoming update will introduce performance monitoring to allow me to keep track of (upcoming) performance issues better.

Planning for the future

The next major updates will consist out of backend and content updates to improve the quality of results given.

This are the updates for https://beta.distrochooser.de for this weekend. The features will go online on late sunday.

As I'm also busy with my university study, there won't be any additional updates for the next week.

Stay safe! 😷

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