w31rd ^(20){2}$

That year was a mess.

w31rd ^(20){2}$

2020 was weird. New job, global pandemic. But let's talk about other stuff here.

The inevitable: Year in review for distrochooser

From the perspective of distrochooser.de, this year was quite eventful. In sum, the service had approx. 300000 page hits. wtf.

Distrochooser 5 will most likely go into production mode next year (not tomorrow, ;)). The project now stands at 936439 returned tests (!) Just today I finished the ongoing server migration, now both instances are running on new hardware.

Distrochooser had some up and downs this year, no lie. It was hard to maintain it while my job and study was fully demanding my head. We will see what 2021 will bring for it.

"Minor" projects

A small script, designed "just to be a test" escalated a bit. After about 8 months of work, it's close to a preview release. Recently, I decided to put the sourcecode online as GPLv3 licensed software: github.com/apx-simracing In sum, I can now control rFactor 2 instances (almost) completely headless. Some write-ups for interested people:

MATOcolori 24 Hours: A technical view
Give me zeh interface

Open Source stuff

Weird accomplishment: I now have 100 repositories in my GitHub account.


My german blog remains silent currently, sadly. But at least this blog got some new articles. I have no idea why I currenlty enjoy it more to write stuff here, but we will see what the future brings for both blogs.


I really liked to have a possibility again to have a "congress"-like event at the end of the year. People may complain that there were a lot of issues, but I think this is completely okay, stop complaining like a potato. Everything was a surely large challenge for the event organizers, stay fair.

The 2d world served it's purpose quite well for me. But next time: Give us please a sorting mode for the Bällebad :).

I really liked to have the possibility to "meet" some people I did not had the chance to talk to in the past - without having that "zoom fatigue" effects you might know from work/ study / whatever.

Sadly, I could not have a talk with all the people I had on my "twitter-mastodon-class reunion"-list. A task for the next congress, I guess.

I want to give a big thank you to all the people behind the scenes to make this event happen. I really enjoyed the talking and the randomness appearing now and then. #psyman

Now I reached the EOL for this article. Nothing more to talk about for me now. See you next year tomorrow, stay safe!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash